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The irony is that none of these is being set up with the aim of serving the public. Since the medical degrees offered at the Indian universities are not recognized in many parts of the world, many medical aspirants from our country are now enrolling for medical courses abroad.

Many people prefer taking medicines for common cold, flu and fever at home itself as it is believed that the doctors may exaggerate the issue unnecessarily. India already suffers from several problems when it comes to the medical system even though it has a bunch of some of the best doctors around the world and this is topped with issues such as corruption to make the situation worse.

How to Become a Qualified Doctor. India is known to have discovered the cures for various illnesses from the ancient times itself.

People are drawn towards the private sector that offers far better facilities and is also well maintained. Doctors specialize in different fields to treat and cure different kinds of health problems.

In our routine life, we often encounter health issues that are beyond our comprehension. It is the work of the physician. In collective consciousness, medical profession is associated primarily with the public service.

In this respect, the society is indebted to the profession of doctors. More problems for the patients simply mean more money for the doctors. It is ingrained in its culture and all the religions. One of the basic requirements for improving the healthcare system in our country is good doctors.

People rely on doctors for ensuring their health and well being. However, that does not stop modern students, and crowds of them again and again are trying to conquer the door of receiving commissions. Aspiring doctors are also going abroad to study medicine and settle there.

There are several cases wherein the reports get misplaced and medicines are not given timely to the patients. Patients are also given after care in the hospitals and nursing homes to help them recover. A distinguished doctor is described by the trust relationship with his patients, his psychological skills and techniques, the presence of personal qualities: Doctor Essay 3 words Introduction Doctors, in India, are given a high stature.

You can order a custom essay about Doctor in Society now. Doctors offer a sense of security. The patients need to innovative practices of treatment, like the Chinese acupuncture and acupressure; yoga, Nature cure, etc.

They work all over the country, while in the villages or cities. Besides, there is mismanagement when it comes to supply of medicines and medical equipments to the hospital.

Medicine is often perceived as a profession for the altruists and is interpreted from the perspective of social mission. After the treatment of a patient, he or she relieves from the illness.

This is the root cause of corruption here. Prescribing numerous medicines and health tonics has also become quite common. Numerous private nursing homes and hospitals are being set up in India.

The doctor has traditionally enjoyed a special status in any society, and there are high ethical and legal requirements. It is ingrained in its culture and all the regions. Those people are suffering from the pain of humanity; they cure them of diseases and illness.

However, the main aim of this sector is to make money rather than to treat the patients. Conclusion While one can avoid visiting the doctor for common cold and mild fever, it cannot be avoided if the situation worsens or if there is some other medical condition.

This is because having medical help nearby gives a sense of security. Medical technology has also enhanced over the time. Most students appearing for this test each year fail to get admission and thus so many of them choose to go abroad to pursue medicine.

They always treat their patient with the smile and cheerfully. The citizens of India do not have any national health insurance system and this makes the private sector dominate the healthcare arena in our country.

Sometimes it may take years of painstaking work and research to find the cure, but ultimately the success is achieved. Free Essay: Becoming a Doctor Many people think that becoming a doctor is difficult. Others have some sense that becoming a physician takes many years and is.

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Essay on Role of Doctor in Society Doctor is a person who dedicates his knowledge and skills for the prevention and treatment of diseases, maintain and enhance human health.

Doctors were always in demand and appreciated by society. Becoming A Doctor essays A doctor is someone who can help someone else in need. There are many types of doctors, ranging from general pediatricians to specialists.

They are respected people and are looked to when something is wrong. Everyone needs a doctor at some point, so doctors are very.

About doctors essay. 25/11/ by. Anti terrorism act essay english analysis essay essay in language metaphysics natural semantics tense time dissertation corriger autobiographie descriptive essay over beowulf trailer fallen angel essay essays on abortion ethics. Essay on Role of Doctor in Society Doctor is a person who dedicates his knowledge and skills for the prevention and treatment of diseases, maintain and enhance human health.

Doctors were always in demand and appreciated by society. Doctor. The doctor is a God for the human being to save their life. It is the duty of doctor on the earth to cure the patients. There are the patients have the lot of .

Essays about doctors
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